Database of British and Irish Hills

Changes to the Simms, Hewitts, Murdos, Corbett Tops and Graham Tops

July 1998 Hew 20155 Mount Leinster East Top (54B)
Apr 2003 CT 3267 Beinn Dearg North Top (15A)
Mar 2004 CT 4382 Carn Leac East Top (9B)
Dec 2005 GT 4267 Beinn Aoidhdailean (10A)
Sep 2006 Hew 2799 Birks Fell (35B)
July 2007 GT 4270 Sgurr Mor Near West Top (10A)
Aug 2008 Hew 2033 Mynydd Graig Goch
Dec 2011 Simm 6203 Cnapan a'Choire Odhair Mhoir (9A)
May 2012 Simm,GT 5745 Creag na h-Iolaire [Meall Reamhar North Top] (1C)
(was Creag Mac Ranaich point 616m)
Sep 2012 Simm 6360 Sgurr Mor Far West Top (10A)
Apr 2013 Hew 2770 Thack Moor (35A)
Aug 2013 Simm,GT
5645 Sron Mhor (1A)
6233 Carn na Criche (9B)
6375 Sgurr a'Choire-bheithe East Top (10B)
Nov 2013 Simm,GT 5738 Meall an Lochain (1C)
May 2014 Simm,CT 6855 Caisteal a'Garbh-choire (17B)
June 2014 Simm,GT 4325 Suie Dhu (11A)
July 2014 Simm,GT
5729 Stob Glas (1C)
5843 Cam-Chreag (2B)
Aug 2014 Simm,CT 3664 Aonach Eagach East Top (3A)
Sep 2014 Simm,Mur  155 Beinn nan Eachan East Top (2B)
Aug 2015 Simm,CT
6054 Carn Ait (7A)
1016 Glas Mheall Liath (14A)
Oct 2015 Simm,CT 6006 Carn Bhac South Top (6B)
Apr 2016 Simm,GT 6999 Meall Donn (20C)
Aug 2016 Simm,GT
5874 Sgorr Dhonuill Far West Top (3B)
6154 Carn Ban Mor West Top (8A)
6962 Cruach Fhiarach (19C)
Sep 2016 Hew 2797 Calf Top (35B)
Oct 2016 Simm,GT 6169 Little Garvoun (8B)
Feb 2017 Simm,CT 5982 Carn Dearg (6A)
July 2017 Simm,GT 5812 Meallanan Odhar (2A)
May 2018 Simm,CT 19199 Druim Fiaclach East Top (18A)
July 2018 Simm,CT
5721 Creag na h-Iolaire (1C)
6381 Meall Coire na Gaoithe'n Ear (10B)
Sep 2018 Simm,Hew 2522 Striding Edge [High Spying How] (34C)
Nov 2018 Simm,GT 5787 Ben Vane Far North Top (1D)
Dec 2018 Simm,Hew 2078 Foel Penolau (30D)
Nov 2019 Simm,GT
5819 Meall nam Maigheach North Top (2A)
6264 Sith Mor (9B)
June 2020 Simm,GT 19664 Meall nan Ruag (2A)
Jan 2021 Simm,Hew 2408 Combe Head (34B)
July 2021 Simm,GT 6480 Carn na Ruighe Duibhe (11B) – was S Top
July 2022 Simm,GT 4366 Sgorr na Diollaid Far West Top (12B)
Oct 2022 Simm,CT 6663 Beinn a' Chlaidheimh South Top (14A)
Dec 2022 GT 60 hills of height 600-609.5m added following redefinition
Apr 1996 Hew 2799 Birks Fell (35B)
June 2009 CT 3267 Beinn Dearg North Top (15A)
Sep 2012 Simm 1136 Meallan Liath (16B)
Nov 2012 Hew
20005 Caher West Top (50C)
20206 Corrig Mountain (55B)
Dec 2012 Hew 20033 Gearhane [An Gearan] (49A)
Aug 2013 Simm,GT 4325 Suie Dhu (11A)
Sep 2013 Simm,GT 4366 Sgorr na Diollaid Far West Top (12B)
(was Sgorr na Diollaid point 713m)
Nov 2013 Simm,GT
4508 Sgurr Dhomhuill Beag (18A)
3930 Leacann Amarach (1B)
3961 Meall Sgallachd (1C)
5655 Creag Liath (1A)
July 2014 Simm,Mur
 246 Stob a'Ghlais Choire (3C)
4029 Creag Dhubh (3C)
 630 Meall a'Bhothain (9B)
3660 Sidhean a'Choin Bhain (15B)
4466 Carn an Tionail (16B)
 947 Meallan Odhar Doire nan Gillean (12B)
Aug 2014 Simm,CT 2989 Stob Dubh (3A)
Sep 2014 Simm,CT 2984 Meall Eoghainn (2B)
May 2015 Simm,Hew 2143 Gau Graig (30F)
June 2015 Simm 6360 Sgurr Mor Far West Top (10A)
Sep 2015 Simm,GT 4535 Beinn Lochain East Top (19C)
Oct 2015 Simm,Mur
193 Stob Coire nam Beith (3B)
3090 Crow Craigies South Top (7A)
Aug 2016 Simm,CT 4090 Meall na h-Eilrig (6B)
Apr 2017 Simm,GT
4252 An Torr (9B)
6119 Craigangower (7B)
May 2017 Simm,Mur 1257 Bla Bheinn SW Top (17B)
Jul 2017 Simm,Hew 1991 Bera Mawr (30B)
May 2018 Simm,CT 3176 Carn Dearg (9C)
July 2018 Simm,Hew 2240 Fan y Big (32A)
Sep 2018 Simm,Hew 2531 Green Side (34C)
Apr 2019 Hew 20027 Carrignabinnia (53A)
May 2019 Simm,CT
3132 Sron a' Bhuirich (9B)
4382 Carn Leac East Top (9B)
June 2020 Simm,GT 2952 The Cobbler South Peak (1D)
Sep 2020 Simm,GT 4392 A' Phoit (13B)
Jan 2021 Simm,Hew 2325 Carl Side (34A)
May 2021 Simm 504 The Coyles of Muick (7A)
Mar 2023 Simm,Hew
20014 Knockbrinnea (50C)
20212 Knockbrack (52A)
May 2023 Simm,CT 3231 Beinn Tharsuinn North Top (12A)
1998 Mur 2925 Beinn a'Chroin (1C) replaces
  37 Beinn a'Chroin West Top
Apr 2000 Hew 2145 Maesglase (30F) replaces
2146 Maesglase (old GR)
May 2001 C  744 Sgurr nan Eugallt (10B) replaces
 745 Sgurr nan Eugallt East Top
Sep 2011 Simm,Hew 5603 Fan Brycheiniog - Twr y Fan Foel (32A) replaces 2230 Fan Brycheiniog
Nov 2011 Hew 20571 Tievummera [Sheeffry Hills] (47A) replaces 20057 Tievummera (old GR)
Aug 2013 Simm,Mur  686 The Saddle [Trig Point] (10A) replaces
 688 The Saddle
June 2014 Simm,Mur  891 Creag Toll a'Choin (12A) replaces
 890 Maoile Lunndaidh
July 2014 Simm,GT 5985 An Sgarsoch Far East Top (was An Sgarsoch point 754m) (6A) replaces
4060 An Sgarsoch East Top
Feb 2017 Simm  400 An Dun (5B) replaces
 399 An Dun
Aug 2018 Simm,Hew 19413 Foel Cedig (30E) replaces
2105 Cyriau Nod
Oct 2022 Simm,Hew 2931 Sails (35A) replaces
2743 Little Fell
Oct 2012 G,Simm  996 Beinn na Feusaige (13B)
NH093542 → NH090542
Apr 2013 Simm,GT 4550 The Socach (21A)
NJ276143 → NJ279145
July 2013 Simm,GT 1852 Swatte Fell (28B)
NT120115 → NT118113
Jan 2014 Simm,GT 4276 Meall a'Choire Dhuibh
NM918980 → NM917979
Apr 2014 Simm,CT 1836 Lochcraig Head (28B)
NT167176 → NT166177
July 2014 Simm,Mur  627 Carn Ballach (SW Top) (9B)
NH643045 → NH643044
Dec 2014 Simm,GT 3949 Sron na Maoile (1B)
NN690175 → NN690177
Apr 2015 Simm,GT

3924 Meall nam Fiadh (1A)
NN693272 → NN691272
3925 Meall nam Fiadh Far East Top (1A)
NN709272 → NN707272
July 2015 Simm,Mur 1419 Beinn an Lochain (19C)
NN218079 → NN218078
Aug 2015 Simm,GT

3994 Creag an Loch (2A)
NN821541 → NN823544
3041 Elrig 'ic an Toisich (6A)
NN866787 → NN865788
Nov 2015 Simm,GT 1754 Scaw'd Law (27C)
NS922035 → NS922037
Apr 2016 Simm,GT 4544 Casteal na h-Iolaire (20C)
NR896422 → NR897422
Aug 2021 Simm,GT 4522 Druim Min (18B)
NM891635 → NM889633
June 2021 Simm,GT

4276 Meall a' Choire Dhuibh (10B)
NM917979 → NM918980
4294 Carn Dearg (10C)
NH227069 → NH232070
Mar 2004 CT→GT 3256 A'Chioch (13B)
Sep 2009 Mur→C  900 Sgurr nan Ceannaichean (12A)
Feb 2010 CT→Mur 1261 Knight's Peak (17B)
July 2011 Mur→C 1024 Beinn a'Chlaidheimh (14A)
Nov 2012 CT→C  713 Buidhe Bheinn (10A)
Nov 2012 C→CT  716 Sgurr a'Bhac Chaolais (10A)
Nov 2013 Mur→CT 1261 Knight's Peak (17B)
Oct 2014 Mur→CT 167 Creag na Caillich (2B)
Apr 2015 CT→Mur 394 Carn na Caim South Top (5B)
May 2017 CT→Mur 324 Mullach nan Coirean East Top (4A)
July 2018 CT→GT 3114 Wester Watery Knowe (7B)
Dec 2018 DDew→GT 1771 Dugland (27C)
Sep 2020 GT→CT 3256 A' Chioch (13B)
Dec 2020 Mur→CT 850 Stob Coire na Cloiche (11A)
Dec 2022 CT→GT 3174 Meall Caca (9B)

Early dates refer to the announcement to the rhb community; later dates are generally entry into the DoBIH, or sometimes earlier when notified to us by the author. Original publication dates are as follows: Grahams, New Donalds and Murdos, 1995; Hewitts (all), 1997; Corbett Tops, 1999; Graham Tops, 2004. The New Donalds were subsumed into the Graham Tops in 2004. The Simms (formerly Sims) were created in June 2010 by amalgamating all the above categories and reducing the height threshold to 600 metres. The Irish equivalent was created in December 2012.

The second column of the tables gives the classification(s) affected at the time of the change. Thus 4270 Sgurr Mor Near West Top gives only "GT" because it predates the creation of the Simms. 2770 Thack Moor gives only "Hew" because it was already a Simm. Murdos, Corbett Tops and Graham Tops now have equivalent status to "historical" lists, but changes to height or drop that affect their categorisation will be recorded while those lists are present in the database. The lower height limit of Graham Tops was reduced from 2000ft (609.6m) to 600m in December 2022 to align with the redefinition of the Grahams.

A summary of changes to the Simms since publication of the TACit Tables, as of February 2020, is given in an unlinked page on Alan Dawson's RHB website. Many more Simms have been surveyed since then.

Highlighted changes are in Ireland. The database usually gives the Mountainviews name rather than the TACit name first.

Names in blue indicate a subsequent reversal of status.

Most links are to entries in the Database Notes. A few are announcements on The Tump Forum (membership required).