Database of British and Irish Hills

Database of British and Irish hills: news updates

15 Nov 2023
7820 Cnoc na Seamraig (1D) has been deleted from the Dodds. It was surveyed by Alan Dawson as 499.6m/P29.6 so fails on both height and drop.
30 Oct 2023
4 SIBs have been added and 3 deleted in v18 of Alan Holmes's SIB Tables. For details see Hill Bagging.

21368 Anglesey Mountain (56A) has been deleted from the Carns.

29 July 2023
Version 18 of the DoBIH is available for download. For changes see the revision history.
19 July 2023
The Ethels and The High Hills of Britain have been added to Hill Bagging.
12 July 2023
We have practically completed the work arising from the April JNSA run. Over 170 LIDAR analyses have been performed. We are now turning our attention to v18 of the DoBIH, which we plan to release in late July or early August. It will include two new lists, the Ethels and the High Hills of Britain.

The Ethels of the Peak District were created in April 2021 by Doug Colton of CPRE and achieved possibly the fastest growth of popularity ever witnessed for a hill list. The 1033 High Hills of Britain (now 1035) was published by Alan Dawson in February 2021 and is added by popular demand. The book is published by Pedantic Press at

1200 Beinn an Fhuarain (16E) has been deleted from the Dodds.

10134 Eilean na h-Aiteig (16A) has been deleted from the SIBs.

31 May 2023
3231 Beinn Tharsuinn North Top (12A) is deleted from the Simms following a survey by Alan Dawson.

3436 Foel y Geifr (30F) has been deleted from the Dodds and Deweys. The drop is 28.8m in the Bluesky LIDAR which leaves no significant room for doubt.

18807 Outer Brough (22) is reinstated to the SIBs in the recently released version 17 of Alan Holmes' SIB listing.

These changes are not yet on Hill Bagging. A fair number of changes to the Welsh Tumps are in the pipeline, along with some changes to the Subsimms and Subdodds. Details can be viewed in the Change Register on the Hill Bagging site.

10 May 2023
The Welsh Government has released Bluesky LIDAR data surveyed in 2020-2022 and covering most of Wales. A small amount of new Scottish data has also been released. Joe Nuttall has run his surface analysis program to utilise the new data. The DoBIH team has examined the output and is performing LIDAR analyses of all hills subject to a potential change of classification or significant relocation. As there are over 120 hills to investigate, this will take a while.

We can confirm 5180 Moel y Fronllwyd (30E) as a new Submarilyn. The new LIDAR confirms Alan Dawson's surveyed 139.8m drop for 2044 Marial Gwyn (30C), which has been deleted from the Submarilyns.

We anticipate a good many changes to the Tumps, Subsimms and Subdodds, but none to the Marilyns or Humps except perhaps some relocations.

3 Mar 2023
We have completed a major revision of parts of our Irish data covered by 1:25000 and 1:20000 maps from EastWest Mapping. Their fifteen most recently published maps, covering the Wicklow area (6 maps), Comeragh, Knockmealdown, Galtee, Connemara, Killarney, The Reeks, and the Dingle peninsula (3 maps), are based on BlueSky photogrammetric digital elevation models (DSM and DTM). Contours are at 5m intervals and almost all listed summits and most cols have spot heights. 164 of these summits have been surveyed by MountainViews, from which I was able to conclude that EastWest spot heights are significantly more accurate than OSi spot heights. Two older maps covering Blackstairs and Wild Nephin were not used as elevations are derived from satellite data and are less accurate than OSi. Another map covering Achill, Corraun and Clare Island is based on conventional photogrammetry but is less useful than OSi mapping in that region.

Most of the data are now on Hill Bagging, where changes to hill lists can be found in the What's New section. The Simm and Hewitt deletions, new Dodd (and Arderin) and new twin Hump have been added to the Change Registers on this site. Another new Arderin, 20604 Baurtregaum Far NE Top (49B), was already a Simm. A further six changes (one to the Vandeleur-Lynams and five to the Carns) await a decision by MountainViews.

OSi continues to publish new 1:25k maps in its Adventure series, but all those we have seen, including the two most recent, are blown up 1:50k maps as far as contours and spot heights are concerned. The EastWest maps are the most accurate and useful where available. A map of the Cooley area is in preparation.

EastWest Mapping has conducted extensive place name research. Many hill names differ from those given by OSi and also by MountainViews which conducts its own name research. The DoBIH has not used EastWest names except for a few hills where no OSi name exists.

The next release of the offline database is planned for summer. Some new lists are being considered for addition.

1 Jan 2023
Following the sad death of Michael Dewey in November, 2346 Meal Fell has been posthumously deleted from the Deweys. The hill was not a member of the originally published list but was added in 2000. It was deleted from the Dodds in January 2021 after LIDAR gave a drop of 29.3m.
20 Dec 2022
Version 17.5 of the DoBIH is available for download. For changes see the revision history.
11 Dec 2022
To align with the Grahams, the lower height limit for Graham Tops has been reduced from 2000ft (609.6m) to 600m. 60 hills have been added, of which 51 were Highland Fives and 9 were, and still are, Donald Deweys. The uppper height limit for Highland Fives has been reduced from 2000ft to 600m.
24 Nov 2022
The lower height limit for the Grahams has been reduced from 2000ft (609.6m) to 600m. Three former Grahams have been reinstated and another 9 hills added. The new hills are listed in the Grahams Change Register. Background and details can be obtained from a free download at Pedantic Press.

The changes have been applied on Hill Bagging and will appear in v17.5 which is due for release shortly before Christmas.

5 Oct 2022
2931 Sails (35A) replaces 2743 Little Fell as Nuttall and Simm. It is 0.44m higher in the LIDAR. The Nuttalls are retaining the name Little Fell to avoid confusion.

6663 Beinn a' Chlaidheimh South Top (14A) is promoted to Simm following a survey by Alan Dawson.

5418 Lype Hill (41) is a new Submarilyn. LIDAR gives the drop as 140.4m.

In Ireland, 20149 Mullacor (55A) is deleted from the Humps following a survey by MountainViews. OSi map 56 has unusually large errors at both summit and col; the heights on the EastWest 1:25k map agree with the survey.

31 July 2022
4366 Sgorr na Diollaid Far West Top (12B) has been reinstated to the Simms, having been surveyed as P30.2m. It was announced on the Pedantic forum.
14 July 2022
Version 17.4 of the DoBIH is available for download. For changes see the revision history.
10 July 2022
5990 Meall na Maoile (6A) has been deleted from the Dodds following a survey by Alan Dawson.

Recent surveys in Ireland by MountainViews have resulted in two reclassifications. These results arrived too late for v17.4, currently in preparation, and are not yet on Hill Bagging.

  • 21172 Binn Mhor West Top (47C) is a new Dodd and Arderin
  • 20208 Coumaraglin Mountain (54A) is deleted from the Humps.
20585 Luggala is confirmed as a Hump, and 20213 Corcog as a Hewitt.

16 Apr 2022
An update to the Summits and Cols document is available on the Articles page. Latest version explicitly covers hedgerows and golf courses and gives many more examples.
6 Apr 2022
21181 Croaghanmoira North Top is a new Dodd and Arderin. The promotion came from one of a number of Trimble surveys conducted by Simon Stewart of MountainViews in the Wicklow area.
6 Feb 2022
2552 Gray Crag (34C) has been deleted from the Nuttalls. Recently published LIDAR data gives a drop of only 13.7m. The Nuttalls have confirmed the deletion.

More LIDAR data has been released in England, and a smaller amount in the central belt in Scotland. The team will be working through the changes over the coming weeks.

28 Jan 2022
A new version of donaldtab, The Donalds 1953-2021, is available in downloads. It includes the three later changes accepted by the SMC after publication of The Grahams & the Donalds in 2015.

5273 Mynydd y Grug (32C) is to be deleted from the Humps after a LIDAR analysis superimposed on satellite imagery showed the highest natural ground falls 2m short of the height required for Hump status. The spoil heap is still substantially unvegetated and possibly many years away from superseding Mynydd Machen as the Marilyn.

17 Dec 2021
Version 17.3 of the DoBIH has been released.
8 Dec 2021
Joe Nuttall repeated his surface analysis on 29 November to utilise some newly published LIDAR data in England, plus a small amount in Glasgow that we'd looked at earlier. We are currently doing LIDAR analyses on potential changes and expect to see approximately 6 new Tumps and a similar number of deletions. There are also changes to the Irish lists in the pipeline resulting from Trimble surveys by MountainViews over the past few months. These include a new Vandeleur-Lynam and the removal of 21217 Carnanelly West Top from the Arderins (no change to the Dodds as the DoBIH gave the drop as 29m). We expect to complete the work in time for a pre-Christmas release of v17.3.
24 Nov 2021
A survey by Alan Dawson has established that 1797 Hightown Hill (27C) is 0.2m lower than its twin, 13420 White Hill, confirming the LIDAR result exactly. Accordingly, Hightown Hill loses its Marilyn status. It remains a Tump and Yeaman.
1 Nov 2021
7398 Dob's Craig (28B) has been deleted from the Donald Deweys. Alan Dawson surveyed the summit as 538.7m, the same height as the trig on the old 6" map when converted to Newlyn, and the col as 509.2m, giving a drop of 29.5m. David Purchase agreed the deletion.
15 Sept 2021
2062 Rhinog Fach (30D) becomes a new Marilyn following a survey that gave a drop of 151.0m. The result was announced on the Pedantic Publications forum on 27 August.
25 July 2021
Version 17.2 of the DoBIH is available. Largely because of the small amount of new LIDAR, the number of significant changes to the lists is much less than in the last few releases.
6 June 2021
We have made a minor correction to the Munrotab spreadsheet (v8.0.1). Beinn Teallach was added to the Munros in 1984 via an Addendum to the Tables. It was correctly shown in previous releases. We thank Andy Rankin for pointing this out.
31 May 2021
We have released a major update to Munrotab (The Munros and Tops 1891-2021), the result of many hours work. The current list is given by the 2021 SMC Guide to the Munros. For older editions, more detailed explanatory notes and many more extracts from old maps have been added to support our treatment of problematic or complicated situations.
27 May 2021
1468 Giur-bheinn (20B, Islay) has been deleted from the Marilyns. The drop was surveyed as 148.5m by Alan Dawson. The hill was not in the original list but was added in 1995. The Marilyn total reduces to 1555.

504 The Coyles of Muick (7A) was reclassified from Simm to Dodd earlier this month after being surveyed as 599.4m.

18 Apr 2021
The Streetmap URL has changed. This has been fixed in an update to the DoBIH (v7.1.1) on the Downloads page. There are no other changes.

Two changes to the Humps have resulted from the new LIDAR data in the Outer Hebrides. 4955 Ben Laimishader (24A) and 4971 Beinn Bheag Deas (24C) are deleted.

6 Apr 2021
A summary of our JNSA work has been added to the Articles page. The article was not published in the 2021 edition of Relative Matters as it went into the editor's spam folder where it lay undetected until deletion.

The Scottish Government has released LIDAR data for about half of the Outer Hebrides. Joe Nuttall has run his summit analysis program on the new data. We expect some changes to the Tumps and possibly two deletions to the Humps.

18 Feb 2021
Version 17.1 is available. For changes see the revision history.

1771 Dugland (27C) has been reinstated to the Donald Tops, based on survey data provided to the SMC by Alan Dawson and current OS heights. It was too late to get into v17.1, but will shown on Hill Bagging soon.

16 Feb 2021
7270 Knockwhirn (27C) is promoted to Dodd and Donald Dewey.
4 Feb 2021
A new edition of the SMC's The Munros came out this week. The book includes a complete listing of the Tops for the first time since 1997. There are no changes from the list on Hill Bagging. A new version of the Munrotab spreadsheet is in preparation.

We have almost finished our work on JNSA as regards new hills, reclassifications and major relocations. This will be a temporary reprieve as the remaining English data from the National LIDAR Programme 1m is expected in the next year or so, and Bluesky LIDAR covering the whole of Wales should be available in 2022 or 2023.

21 Jan 2021
6575 Meall Loch a' Bhealaich (12A) has been promoted to the Dodds.

850 Stob Coire na Cloiche has been deleted from the Munro Tops (see 11 Dec).

18 Jan 2021
2254 Black Mountain South Top (32A), 2339 Little Calva (34A) and 2444 Hobcarton End (34B) have been deleted from the Nuttalls. The news was announced today on
17 Jan 2021
2021 Cheriton Hill (42) has been deleted from the Marilyns. LIDAR gives a drop of 147.7m. Its col has swapped with 2920 Detling Hill, very close in height. The news was announced on the Pedantic Publications forum.

There are three other changes to the Submarilyns. 5019 Mochrum Hill (24A) and 5431 The Verne (41) become new Submarilyns. 2481 Hen Comb (34B) is deleted.

2656 Hesk Fell (34D) is deleted from the Humps.

Further changes arising from the JNSA update mostly concern the Tumps, but a rather nice Subdodd above Innominate Tarn on Haystacks has emerged which we have named Innominate Peak.

11 Jan 2020
Some new LIDAR in England and Scotland has become available. Joe Nuttall has updated his digital elevation model and re-run his analysis program for us. This has thrown up plenty of potential changes for investigation, though on a much smaller scale than in 2020. Most concern lower Tumps and there are only a few significant changes to hills above 500m. Excluding subs, these are:

2408 Combe Head (34B) becomes a new Simm and Hewitt
2325 Carl Side (34A) is deleted from the Simms and Hewitts
2346 Meal Fell (34A) is deleted from the Dodds

Five changes to the Nuttalls have been forwarded for consideration.

These and the other changes will be applied on Hill Bagging over the next month and will appear in version 17.1 which is likely to be released in February.

324 Mullach nan Coirean East Top (4A) was added to the Munro Tops in December.

11 Dec 2020
850 Stob Coire na Cloiche (11A) was surveyed as 912.5m by Alan Dawson and has been reclassified from Murdo to Corbett Top. The OS have accepted the result as it agrees with their height from large scale mapping. They will amend the 915m height shown on the current 1:25k map, which was responsible for the hill's addition to the Munro Tops in the 1997 edition of Munro's Tables. The SMC have been informed.

Dinas Fach (31C), a tidal island in Pembrokeshire at SM825226, becomes the latest addition to the SIBs. The drop, measured by LIDAR, is 301.m. It is currently awaiting entry to Hill Bagging, when it will acquire a DoBIH hill number.

A new version of Munrotab is in preparation. The improved availability of old 1" and 6" OS maps online had enabled much additional information relating to older versions of Munro's Tables to be presented. It will be released after scrutiny of the forthcoming new edition of the SMC Guide to the Munros which is due in February.

6 Dec 2020
7550 Y Drum becomes a new Dodd and Dewey.
17 Sept 2020
Version 17 has been released. For details see the Revision history.
12 Sept 2020
We have extended the Dodds to Ireland. The list was uploaded to the Hill Bagging site today, replacing the Myrddyn Deweys. We have comprehensively overhauled the data, resulting in over 100 data changes and several reclassifications. Details will be given in the revision history for version 17 of the DoBIH which we expect to be available in a week or so.

4392 A' Phoit (13B) has been deleted from the Simms. 3256 A' Chioch (13B) reverts to its original status as Corbett Top, having had its height increased from 761 to 762.4m. We thank Alan Dawson for the survey results.

26 Aug 2020
Three more Humps (hills 4587, 5061 & 5304) have been relocated. For details see the Humps Change Register.

37 Beinn a' Chroin West Top (1C) has been deleted from the Munro Tops. This was always probable following the relocation of the Munro more than 10 years ago but is now confirmed by the SMC, along with the Munro Top status of 36 Beinn a' Chroin East Top which we had assumed. The SMC has not published a listing of the Munro Tops since 1997 but confirms that the only other changes are:

  • Two Munros deleted, Sgurr nan Ceannaichean & Beinn a' Chlaidheimh
  • Two Tops deleted, Knight's Peak & Creag na Caillich
  • Two tops added, Mullach Coire nan Cisteachan (Carn na Caim South Top) & Mullach nan Coirean East Top.
18 Aug 2020
We have finished examining potential Tump deletions among the 169 hills which the JNSA file gives as having less than 30m drop from LIDAR data. In the event 46 hills (21%) were reprieved, for a variety of reasons. More new Tumps might be lurking among the hills lacking LIDAR data. We have looked at all those given as P30+ in the file but it could be many months before we have finished investigating the thousands of hills given as <P30 (Chris Pearson is helping us with these). There might also be a few new Tumps in the LIDAR hills whose drop is given as <30m, e.g. where the original col exists but JNSA has chosen an embankment or bridge. Similarly, there might a few deletions among the LIDAR hills given a drop of >30m. We will look at these hills eventually but for the present have switched our attention towards potential relocations, focusing particularly on Humps. To date this has produced the following significant changes:

19734 Doons (27C) replaces 5068 Auchenbainzie Hill

15731 Cefncarnau (32C) replaces 5278 Caerphilly Common

16910 High Hunsley Wold (37) replaces 5346 Great Wold

18391 Truleigh Hill (42) replaces 5444 Devil's Dyke

8031 Great Haldon (40) loses its twin (Hu=) status

13420 White Hill (27C) becomes a twin Marilyn and twin Hump of 1797 Hightown Hill. LIDAR suggests White Hill is higher but by only 23cm, so the result is only probable. Alan Dawson is regarding them as twins until such time as they can be surveyed.

The Marilyn 2282 Mynydd Allt-y-grug (32B) has been relocated 310m NE. The 1:25k map has 338m spots at both summits but LIDAR shows the northern top as 0.5m higher.

4684 Meall Deise (13A) has been relocated 225m SW. A line survey found the new summit to be 0.7m higher.

The Nuttall summit of 2767 Flinty Fell (35A) has moved 285m south to NY770419. The north top, almost certainly raised by old mine workings, is 0.2m lower in the LIDAR survey. The Nuttalls have agreed to the relocation. The south top, which has a spot height, is given in the Hewitts booklet and the historic 2000ft lists of Bridge etc.

20213 Corcog [Corcogemore] (47C) is promoted to the Irish Hewitts. On the balance of evidence (611m from recent Bluesky photogrammety and 610.6m from an old levelled height versus the 609m spot on the OSi 1:50k map) the height exceeds 2000ft.

30 June 2020
19664 Meall nan Ruag (2A), recently added to the Subsimms after being discovered in the JNSA dataset, has been surveyed by Alan Dawson as having 33.3m drop and consequently becomes a Simm. 2952 The Cobbler South Peak (1D) simultaneously ceases to be a Simm after having its drop surveyed as 27.6m.

3527 Twr Pen-cyrn [Mynydd Llangatwg] is deleted from the Deweys. This follows its recent deletion from the Dodds.

20 June 2020
We continue to make progress with the huge JNSA dataset. Four of us (GG, JBl, DM & CC) are spending a large part of our lockdown time on this project. We use the file as a basis for investigation. For hills where LIDAR data are given, issues can arise due to the summit or col found by the algorithm being on ineligible man-made ground, errors by the DTM algorithm such as removing steep or rocky ground, and loss of height due to JNSA downsampling the LIDAR data; hence we carry out our own analysis using the highest resolution data available. The hills without LIDAR data are less useful due to the limitations of the OS Terrain 50 product but have produced some new Tumps and relocations.

The bulk of our effort in the first two months was on identifying qualifying new hills. Most of them are Tumps, with a handful of Subsimms and Subdodds. Some new hills amount to relocations of hills in the DoBIH; these include two replacement Humps and one Dodd. In addition, one Hump and one Dodd have been deleted. For details see the May and June 2020 entries in the Humps Change Register and Dodds Change Register. At lower priority we have done some work on the Subhumps.

We have finished investigating the non-DoBIH hills and are now focused on Tump deletions. When this is complete we will turn our attention to Humps and complete the work on Subhumps. We don't expect many changes to the Humps list as we looked at the LIDAR for most of the marginals in England and Wales earlier this year and did some work in Scotland using OS Maps. However the recently added Scottish Phase III data in the Lowlands and expansion of coverage in England as the National LIDAR Programme 1m progresses may lead to some changes.

6 May 2020
We are now 6 weeks into the analysis of a dataset of 30,000 hills supplied by Joe Nuttall. He created a digital elevation model for the whole of Britain using LIDAR datasets where available and OS Terrain 50 where not, then ran a program to find summits and cols meeting specified prominence criteria. The methodology is similar to that used by Andrew Kirmse and Jonathan de Ferranti in their analysis of the much less accurate SRTM World dataset (we looked at the British data in 2017).

With so many hills to investigate, we are taking a systematic approach, beginning with potential new Tumps. So far this has produced 119 new Tumps, though some are effectively major relocations of existing Tumps. A few Subdodds and Subsimms have also been found. Details are given on the Hill Bagging site.

Alan Holmes has released version 14 of the SIBs database. The changes affecting the British SIBs will be applied on Hill Bagging shortly.

16095 Oakhowe Crag has been added to the Synges. This is the second addition since publication of the book.

19640 Silverlink Park replaces 5525 Camperdown as North Tyneside UA Top.

26 February 2020
Version 16.4 has been released. For details see the Revision history.

6936 Mullach nam Maol (19A, formerly South Top) replaces 6935 Mullach nam Maol North Top (formerly Mullach nam Maol) as the Dodd.

11 February 2020
The Dodds have been extended to the Isle of Man (5 hills). They are already classified as such on Hill Bagging and will acquire the '5' code in the next release.

We have completed a review of English and Welsh hills with a drop between 97 and 103.9m with the aid of the latest online resources including LIDAR where available. 3366 Moel Farlwyd (30D) and 7814 Hascombe Hill (42) have been added to the Humps. 5390 Castle Ring (39) has been deleted from the Humps.

3371 Graig Wen (30D) is a new Submarilyn.

6 January 2020
As a consequence of the enlargement of the Lake District National Park, three hills in Section 34C have been added to the Fellrangers. 2603 Grayrigg Forest and 16092 Whinfell Beacon were already in the database. 19519 Winterscleugh NY576028 is new. The Cicerone volume containing the new hills, in the Walking the Lake District Fells series (a revision of the Fellranger guides), is scheduled for publication in March.

The Trail 100 list has been revised for 2020. The new list appears on the Trail website and will appear in the February issue of the magazine. A list of changes is linked in the Database Notes.

SIBs of the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands have been added to the database. Six additions and two deletions to the British SIBs have resulted from publication of v13 of the SIB tables. We have obtained LIDAR data for some of the new SIBs. For a list of changes see "What's New" in Hill Bagging.

5410 Bin Down and 5413 Woodbury Common, both in section 40, have been deleted from the Humps following LIDAR work.

All these changes have been applied to Hill Bagging and will appear in the next release of the DoBIH, scheduled for February.

25 November 2019
5819 Meall nam Maigheach North Top and 6264 Sith Mor become new Simms. Announcement

As Geograph's Interactive Coverage Map shows no sign of regaining the larger scales, the links on the Hill Bagging site have reverted to the URL we used a few years ago e.g. Click inside the map to obtain a pop-up window that can be zoomed to 1:25k and a larger scale. The same change will be made in the next release of the DoBIH if the situation has not improved. In the meantime, the interface above can be obtained from the Interactive Map by clicking on the grid reference to the right of "Map Center".

27 October 2019
5229 Banc y Graig (31C) has been deleted from the Humps.

The Munros and Tops 1891-2019 (munrotab.xls) has been updated with a relocation and explanatory worksheet for the deleted Munro Top, 584 Big Brae.

11 September 2019
Version 16.3 has been released. It includes the new SIBs from the recently released SIB Tables v12.
10 August 2019
324 Mullach nan Coirean East Top (4A) is confirmed as a new Munro Top. Its summit and col were surveyed by Alan Dawson who in May 2017 reported its height as 916.6m and drop 38.6m. The result was accepted by Ordnance Survey and forwarded to the SMC. The OS Maps online product has shown a 915m contour since July 2018 or earlier, as has Harvey Maps since 2001.

313 Stob Coire a' Chairn (4A) has lost its Marilyn Twin Top status. A second survey by Alan Dawson, in which both cairns were dismantled, found the summit was 0.2m lower than 312 An Gearanach.

28 May 2019
Following recent surveys by Alan Dawson, there have been four changes in Section 9B. 3132 Sron a' Bhuirich (9B) and 4382 Carn Leac East Top (9B) are deleted from the Simms. 6282 Carn Suidhe Ghoiril becomes a new Dodd and is reinstated to the Highland Fives. 6326 Meallan Odhar is deleted from the Dodds but remains a Tump, having been found to fall short of 500m.
21 May 2019
In response to the interest in historically important lists expressed in the recent user survey, the Yeamans and Clems have been added to the DoBIH. All the hills were already in the database. The lists can be accessed on the Hill Bagging site and will appear in the next release of the downloadable version, likely to be in August. Definitions and a Change Register have been added to the Database Notes.
20 May 2019
There have been three additions to the Humps in Section 32A, all resulting from analysis of LIDAR data: 2256 Fan Llia, 3518 Cefn Cul [Waun Leuci], and 7666 Yr Allt. Only for Yr Allt, which has a drop of 100.5m, can we be entirely confident of the hill's status. The drop of Fan Llia is 100.015m. As 15mm is well within the error of the model, the hill qualifies on the basis that it is more likely to be a Hump than not. It would be a tricky col to survey. Cefn Caul has a drop of 100.10m but here the problem lies with the summit. The LIDAR DTM gives the W summit as 0.05m lower than the E summit, contradicting a level and staff survey in 2011 which found the W summit to be 0.13 0.01m higher. There are issues with the DTM model at the W summit, where it may have erroneously removed up to 15cm of height, and the resolution of the data is only 2m (therefore summit heights will tend to be underestimated). The E summit appears to be free of issues, so we took the DTM height there and added the surveyed height difference to estimate the W summit.

Another Hump, 2852 Coppet Hill, has been relocated 190m south following LIDAR analysis and a survey by Alan Dawson. This conflicts with OS mapping, but the southern summit is certainly over 200m and LIDAR suggests it is about 0.8m higher than the northern summit. Both summits are planted with trees but not densely enough to query the relocation. The LIDAR at the col is hampered by traffic on the road. The hill remains a marginal Submarilyn.

7 Apr 2019
5433 Weston Down (41) has been deleted from the Humps.

20027 Carrignabinnia [Carraig na Binne] (53A) has been deleted from the Irish Hewitts.

Feedback from an editorial review of the 2018 user survey is available on the Downloads page.

24 Mar 2019
The Marilyn, Hump, Simm, Hewitt and Nuttall summit of 2242 Black Mountain has moved 350m north to a point 12m west of the path. The Bridge and Buxton & Lewis summit remains at the southern location. We have decided not to create a new hill for the new summit. The County Top of Herefordshire looks most likely to lie on the path 12m E of the northern summit or a few metres W of the path near the southern summit, but it would need a detailed survey to establish the correct location.
24 Feb 2019
There have been three changes to the Deweys and two to the Dodds. 7507 Cefn Cyfarwydd (30B) is promoted and 3529 Twynwalter (32A) deleted following surveys and LIDAR analysis by Myrddyn Phillips and Aled Williams. 3545 Beefstand Hill has been reinstated to Michael Dewey's list after lobbying by John Kirk. It was deleted in 2011 following discovery that the summit is in Scotland.

A report on the recent DoBIH user survey is available on the Downloads page.

22 Jan 2019
4 SIBs have been added and 3 deleted. For details see "What's New" on the Hill Bagging site.

5344 Barns Cliff End (37) has been added to the Submarylins.

21 Dec 2018
Version 16.2 of the DoBIH is available for download. 7675 Garth Hill (32C) has been deleted from the Humps.
15 Dec 2018
The user survey has closed. There were 314 complete returns plus a further 14 that were incomplete but usable. A very satisfactory response – thanks to everyone who participated. The results will be posted on the website in the New Year when the analysis is complete.
10 Dec 2018
7667 Pentir-bach (32A) is promoted to the Humps. 4846 Cruach Mhic an t-Saoir (19B) and 5117 Lightning Hill (28B) are deleted from the Humps.

2078 Foel Penolau (30D) becomes a Simm and Hewitt.

1771 Dugland (27C) is reclassified from Donald Dewey to Graham Top. It was already a Simm.

17 Nov 2018
Following surveys by Alan Dawson, 3100 Easter Balloch (7B) becomes a new Hump and 5787 Ben Vane Far North Top (1D) becomes a new Simm.

A user survey, the first since 2010, has been launched.

11 Nov 2018
7668 Mynydd Gelliwastad (32B) has been deleted from the Humps.

Following a survey publicised by BBC North West and the press, the Manchester Metropolitan District top, 5516 Heaton Park (36) has been relocated to ground 450m NW of the Temple.

18 Sept 2018
There have been four additions to the Humps: 6226 Cam Sgriob (9A), 6595 Bad a' Chlamhain (12A), 6898 Egnaig Hill (18A), and 7078 Muskna Field (22). All result from improved estimates of col height from the 5m contours on OS Maps.

2552 Striding Edge [High Spying How] (34C) is promoted to Simm and 2531 Green Side [White Stones - Green Side] (34C) is deleted from the Simms.

30 Aug 2018
The Marilyn, Simm and Nuttall 2105 Cyrniau Nod (30E) has been replaced by 19413 Foel Cedig, 800m away. Walkers who followed the Nuttalls' route without detouring will not have climbed it.
11 Aug 2018
Following a survey that found its height to be over 2000ft, 2328 Miller Moss becomes a new Nuttall. Grough article

Bernie Hughes' POI file for v16.1 is available on the downloads page.

A few corrections have been made the to the v16.1 revision history and Tumps change register.

3 Aug 2018
Version 16.1 of the DoBIH has been released.
1 Aug 2018
1117 Beinn Dearg (16A) is promoted to Marilyn. Announcement
29 July 2018
5429 Hambledon Hill (Hump and Tump) has been relocated from the tumulus/ramparts to a point 40m ENE of the trig pillar, 450m to the SE (192m spot on Geograph 1:10k). The new location is 0.4m higher in the LIDAR. Many baggers will have passed close to the new location via ascents from the south or west.

5721 Creag na h-Iolaire is promoted to Simm. 3114 Wester Watery Knowe is reclassified from Corbett Top to Graham Top. Both changes follow surveys by Alan Dawson.

We congratulate Rob Woodall and Alan Whatley on being the first baggers to complete the Humps, which they achieved today on The Old Man of Hoy.

2 July 2018
There have been two changes to the Simms. 6381 Meall Coire na Gaoithe'n Ear (10B) is added and 2240 Fan y Big is deleted. For details see the rhb group announcement.

A release of the DoBIH is planned for the end of July.

25 May 2018
Following surveys by Alan Dawson, 19199 Druim Fiaclach East Top (18A) becomes a new Simm and 3176 Carn Dearg (9C) is deleted from the Simms.
16 Apr 2018
5780 Stron Lochie has been deleted from the Dodds and Highland Fives. A survey by Alan Dawson revealed its height to be 499.0m.
18 Mar 2018
5317 Hoof Stones Height (36) has been deleted from the Humps on the strength of LIDAR data.
18 Feb 2018
5367 Knoll Hill (38B), a Hump in Herefordshire, has been relocated 475m east to 19375 The Camp on the strength of LIDAR data.

6136 Craigancash (7B) has been deleted from the Dodds.

9 Feb 2018
3903 Beinn Bhreac (1A) has been deleted from the Humps. Current mapping suggests the drop is 96 or 97m.
14 Jan 2018
A new version of Munrotab (changes to the Munros and Tops in Munro's Tables and subsequently) is available for download.
9 Jan 2018
A new version of Donaldtab (changes to the Donalds in Munro's Tables and subsequently) is available for download.

We've been notified of two bugs in the Access version 16. One concerns the Import Logs routine in Access 2000. The other is that the MountainViews links bring up the incorrect page, due to MV having recently changed their folder structure. The second issue has been resolved in Hill Bagging. We will release updates to v16 when both bugs are fixed.

23 Dec 2017
Version 16 of the DoBIH has been released. For a summary of significant changes please see the Revision History.
7 Nov 2017
19345 Sron an Duin (24D) replaces 1632 Sotan as Marilyn and SIB (Na h-Eileanan Siar in the Western Isles).

5858 Creag an t-Searraich is promoted to Highland Five.

11 Oct 2017
5858 Creag an t-Searraich (2B) has been promoted to Highland Five following Alan Dawson's discovery of 5m contours on the OS Maps site, the replacement for OS Get-a-map (see Links). Geograph has only 10m contours for this hill.

A new release of the DoBIH is planned for November. It will include the first publication of the Dodds, a list proposed in 2014 that has been adopted by the Relative Hills Society. The Dodds will assume the '5' code and the classification codes for the imperial 500m lists will change. The current sub categories will be subsumed into a single Subdodd category.

11 July 2017
5812 Meallanan Odhar (2A) has been added to the Simms. 1991 Bera Mawr (30B)is deleted from the Simms.
20 June 2017
Version 15.5 of the DoBIH has been released. For a summary of significant changes please see the Revision History.
1 June 2017
Dave Marshall has joined the editorial team. Dave has been helping the DoBIH on projects since 2012 and more recently with LIDAR analyses and editorial work. He is based in Scotland.
29 May 2017
2011 Carnedd y Ddelw has been deleted from the Nuttalls' list. For details see the survey report. The deletion has been accepted by the Nuttalls and will appear on their website in due course.
17 May 2017
1257 Bla Bheinn SW Top (17B) is deleted from the Simms. A survey by Alan Dawson measured the drop as 28.1m.
1 May 2017
The Simms 4252 An Torr (9B) and 6119 Craigangower (7B) have been deleted, having been surveyed as having insufficient drop. The deletions were reported on the rhb group on April 28.
8 Mar 2017
5473 Wattisham Airfield, the historic County Top of East Suffolk, has been relocated to a point inside the northern 90m contour. The move was prompted by site observations and analysis of LIDAR data by Rob Woodall. The new location is the one given by Bridge. The new location, like the old one, is on MOD land and would be inaccessible without prior permission.

2702 Lowscales Hill, a Hump in the Lake District, has been relocated to an outcrop in the central of the three 85m contours shown by the largest scale Geograph mapping on the west side of the fence. The summit was surveyed by Alan Dawson as 190.6m. The eastern summit marked by a 189m spot height is 189.9m.

Both changes have been applied on Hill Bagging.

26 Feb 2017
An error in the coordinates of hill 19275 Butcherfield has been corrected in v15.4.2 (all versions).
15 Feb 2017
An update of the Summits and Cols document (version 5) has been uploaded to the Articles page. There are no significant changes to the guidelines. The changes are summarised in the document's revision history.

Two minor bugs in the Access version of v15.4 affecting seaches on some Irish hills and exporting logs have been fixed.

9 Feb 2017
Version 15.4 of the DoBIH has been released. For a summary of significant changes please see the Revision History.

An updated version of The Corbetts 1953-2016 (corbettab v4) is also available.

5 Feb 2017
There have been two Marilyn relocations. 2884 Hensbarrow Beacon has been replaced by 19290 Hensbarrow Downs at SX001574. The spoil heap has been settled and landscaped for a number of years. Further details will be given in an article by Alan Dawson in the forthcoming Relative Matters magazine. A number of other spoil heaps in the vicinity have become new Tumps as they qualify according to the criteria currently being applied to artificial hills.

The Marilyn summit of An Dun has reverted to the southern summit. The Corbett moved there a few years ago so they now align. Further information is given in the Database Notes. Baggers should continue to take in the northern summit as they are regarded as twin tops.

2 Feb 2017
5982 Carn Dearg (6A) has been promoted to the Simms. The drop was surveyed by Alan Dawson as 33.1m. The 789m spot height on the OS map is well to the east of the summit.

We plan to release the delayed v15.4 this month.

15 Jan 2017
2627 High Rigg has been added to the Synges, having been omitted from the book in error. This is the first official change to the list. Probably all Synge baggers will have climbed the hill as it is a Wainwright and Birkett. Hill 3859 remains a Synge and has been renamed High Rigg South Top.
24 Dec 2016
19254 Penhale Hill is a new Hump, discovered from LIDAR data. The summit is a reclaimed spoil heap. 17609 Fraddon Down to the north-east is still a Tump but has had its summit moved a nearby spoil heap with height increased by 18m, and the col moved to the col linking it with Penhale Hill.
17 Nov 2016
A further two new Nuttalls were announced today. 2930 Tinside Rigg has a drop of 19.3m and 2762 Long Fell a drop of 16.5m. Tinside Rigg was always a likely candidate for promotion and the DoBIH has given a drop of 19m for some years. The survey celebrated 10 years of the survey team and 15 years of the DoBIH and is reported in Grough.
15 Nov 2016
There have been two changes to the Nuttalls. 2228 Duwynt (renamed Craig Gwaun Taf) is promoted, and 2739 Bram Rigg Top is deleted. The drops were surveyed as 16.1m and 14.7m respectively. The news was announced on the Nuttalls' website.
13 October 2016
4208 Cnoc an Tiumpain (9B) has been promoted to Hump and 6169 Little Garvoun (8B) promoted to Simm following surveys by Alan Dawson.
19 September 2016
The Marilyn, Hump and Tump summit of Muncaster Fell (34D) has been relocated from Hooker Crag to the NE summit, which becomes hill 19242 in the database. Hill 2694, the SW summit, remains the Wainwright and Fellranger. A survey report has been uploaded to the Hill Bagging site.
7 September 2016
Version 15.3 of the Database of British and Irish Hills has been released.

Ordnance Survey adopted a new geoid model on August 26 and replaced the previous OSTN02 transformation with OSTN15. The resulting height changes are mostly small but reach 0.3m in parts of north-west Scotland and the Scilly Isles. The most significant effect on hill lists is that 2797 Calf Top (35B) becomes a new Nuttall and Hewitt, the summit height having increased from 609.58m to 609.61m (OS figure). The measurement error is such that we cannot be confident that the hill exceeds 2,000 feet, but it is somewhat more likely to exceed the threshold than fall short. The change has been agreed by all interested parties.

7 August 2016
1177 Creag a'Ghobhair (16D) has been relocated 430m to its east top. It was surveyed by Alan Dawson as 0.3m higher than the old location.
4 August 2016
Currock Hill, a Hump in north-east England, has moved. Following a site visit and an examination of LIDAR data, hill 5306, renamed Currock Hill East Top, has been replaced by hill 19212 1km to the west. There are two other summit contenders within the same 255m contour. Hill 5306 remains the Gateshead and Tyne & Wear County Top.
17 July 2016
New Access version (v15.2.2) released to fix bug in Export Data routine that occurred when records exist for multiple users.
1 July 2016
Following a survey by G&J Surveys on May 8 and ratification of the result by OS, 1423 Cnoc Coinnich (19C) becomes a new Corbett. The surveyed height is 763.50m which will be shown as 764m on OS maps. The hill has also been deleted from the Grahams. The news was announced on June 30 by Grough.
12 June 2016
Following a survey by Myrddyn Phillips, the Dewey 3463 Bryn Yr Wyn has been replaced by 19202 Esgair Greolen 650m to the south-west.

Following surveys by Alan Dawson, 1345 Meall an Tarmachain is no longer a Submarilyn, and 5621 Cairn Fell replaces 1738 Inshanks Fell as Hump and Submarilyn.

11 May 2016
New Access version (v15.2.1) released to fix bug in search function.
1 May 2016
Version 15.2 of the DoBIH has been released. For a summary of significant changes please see the Revision History.

Surveys by Alan Dawson have caused the following changes:

6999 Meall Donn (20C) is a new Simm

5957 Carn Dearg (5A) is a new Highland Five

651/652 Meall an Tarsaid (9B) has moved to the south top. This is the third switch of location.

12 Apr 2016
A statistical analysis of the accuracy of heights from OS maps is linked from the Articles page.

In February the largest scale on Geograph mapping lost much of its detail, including contouring. The detail is restored in an Experimental Coverage Map which is still under development. Hill Bagging now gives links to the latter map.

Two hills where the Tump was in a different location from a Wainwright Outlying Fell have been split. In each case the Wainwright has retained the original hill number and a new hill has been created for the Tump. 2691 Newton Fell North is the Wainwright and the Tump is 19191 Saskills. 3333 nameless (School Knott) is the Wainwright and 19190 Cleabarrow Hill is the Tump. These changes have been implemented on Hill Bagging and will appear in v15.2 of the DoBIH which is planned for release at the end of April.

24 Dec 2015
Version 15.1 of the DoBIH has been released. For a summary of significant changes please see the Revision History.
21 Dec 2015
7661 Banc y Celyn (32A) has been promoted to Hump. It was always a candidate but conflicting heights on OS maps left the drop in doubt. Courtesy of a col survey by Myrddyn Phillips we can now give the drop as 102m.
6 Dec 2015
The Sims have been renamed Simms (Six Hundred Metre Mountains) to align with their new name on the rhb website.

1754 Scaw'd Law has been relocated to the north top. Both tops are spotted 663m on the 1:25k map, but the north top is 7ft higher on old maps and the evidence for being higher was supported by an Abney Level survey. The south top remains the Donald.

11 October 2015
Following surveys by Alan Dawson, 6006 Carn Bhac South Top (6B) has been promoted to Sim, and 193 Stob Coire nam Beith (3B) has been deleted from the Sims.
6 October 2015
3090 Crow Craigies South Top (7A) has been deleted from the Sims. A survey found the drop was 28.6m.

New versions of The Munros and Tops 1891-2015 (munrotab v6) and The Corbetts 1953-2015 (corbettab v3) are available on the downloads page.

21 September 2015
Version 15 of the DoBIH has been released. For a summary of significant changes please see the Revision History.
20 September 2015
There have been four changes to MountainViews' Irish lists. 20695 Coomcathcun South Top [Slievenashaska] (50B) and 20155 Mount Leinster East Top (54B) have been promoted to Arderin. Both hills were already listed as having 30+ metre prominence in the DoBIH. 21447 Knockaunapeebra (54A) and 21448 Camaderry SE Top (55A) are new Vandeleur-Lynams.
11 September 2015
1428 Stob na Boine Druim-fhinn (19C) has been deleted from the Marilyns and Grahams. 4535 Beinn Lochain East Top (19C) has been deleted from the Sims. The changes were announced today in the rhb group.

The SMC has accepted the deletion of the Munro Top 167 Creag na Caillich and the promotion to Munro Top of 394 Carn na Caim South Top (named Mullach Coire nan Cisteachan by the SMC), previously surveyed by Alan Dawson as 914.3 and 914.6m respectively. The SMC will not recognise new heights without ratification by the OS, which required resurveys in order to collect the requisite two hours of data at each summit. An account of the survey appears in Grough.

Most Munroists will have climbed the new Munro Top in the round of Carn na Caim and A'Bhuidheanach Bheag from the Drumochter Pass.

Version 15 of the DoBIH is about a week away from release.

31 August 2015
1691 Kirriereoch Hill (27B) is a new Marilyn. The summit is a large rock 55m from the small cairn previously given in the database. The promotion was announced 4 days ago on the rhb group. Originally a Corbett, the hill was deleted in the 1984 edition of Munro's Tables and is not a candidate for re-admission as the surveyed drop of 150.2m falls short of 500ft (152.4m).

Three of the DoBIH editors (GVJ, JB and CC) are meeting with the MountainViews committee in Ireland next weekend for discussions and two days of surveying in the Wicklow Mountains.

16 August 2015
4008 Meall a'Chall (2B) is deleted from the Humps. The drop is 99.4m.

The Summits and Cols document (linked from the Articles page) has been updated. The basic protocol has not changed, but the treatment of some man-made features has been clarified and some special cases have been added such as cols of tidal islands and islands connected by a land bridge. The document's revision history lists the changes.

15 August 2015
Following more surveys by Alan Dawson, 1016 Glas Mheall Liath (14A) becomes a new Sim and Murdo, and 6054 Carn Ait (7A) becomes a new Sim and Corbett Top.
13 August 2015
Following a survey by Alan Dawson that increased the drop to 100.6m, 6151 Deuchar Hill (7B) is promoted to Hump.
12 August 2015
We plan to release version 15 of the DoBIH in mid-September. The most noticeable change will be a simplification of the classification scheme for hills belonging to the Sims and their subs. The CTM, CTC, GTM, GTC, GTG and GTH subcategories will be dropped in favour of CT and GT. A new Subsim category has been created for hills above 600m with drop 20-29m and the sMur, sCT, sGT and sHew classes will be dropped. The position of Sim will be elevated and Murdo/CT/GT lowered in the Classification field, dropdown lists and tables. These changes follow an extensive discussion on the rhb group in January initiated by Alan Dawson and reflect the consensus reached in that discussion. The changes have already been made on Hill Bagging.
4 August 2015
979 Sithean Mor (13A; Sidhean Mor on older maps) becomes a new Marilyn. The news was announced today on the rhb group.

2023 Moelwyn Mawr North Ridge Top (30B) has been deleted from the Nuttalls (with the authors' agreement) after our survey team measured the drop as 14.77m. The peak was not included in the Nuttalls' original publication but was added in the second edition following an approximate levelling survey.
Survey report

14 June 2015
6360 Sgurr Mor Far West Top (10A) has been deleted from the Sims. It was promoted in September 2012 on the basis of a 600m spot on Geograph but a survey by Alan Dawson found the height to be only 597.6m.

592 Meall Gaineimh (8B), with an estimated height of 914m and drop 69m, has long been a potential Munro Top. However a survey carried out for The Munro Society has given a height of 913.6m. UKHillwalking article

The Submarilyn status of 2058 Diffwys (30D) is confirmed following a survey that gave a drop of 147.6m.

7 June 2015
2901 Swyre Head (41) has been deleted from the Marilyns following a survey by John Barnard. The announcement was made yesterday at the Marhofn meet.
4 June 2015
5662 Sron nan Searrach has been deleted from the Highland Fives.

Our survey team has surveyed 592 Meall Gaineimh for The Munro Society. Announcement of the result is expected soon.

8 May 2015
2143 Gau Graig (30F) has been deleted from the Sims and Hewitts. A survey found the drop was only 25.4m.
30 Apr 2015
Version 14.3 of the DoBIH has been released. It features a new island list. For a summary of significant changes please see the Revision History.
8 Apr 2015
Two changes have resulted from surveys by Alan Dawson.

228 Na Maoilean has been relocated from the trig point to a rock at NM975372, a move of 460m. The summit of this hill was always in doubt as the map shows four 350m contour rings in addition to the 350m trig.

394 Carn na Caim South Top has been reclassified from Corbett Top to Murdo. Its height is 914.6m and drop 30.3m.

24 March 2015
There have been a number of changes since the release of v14.2.

Following surveys by Alan Dawson, 3861 Great How (Thirlmere) becomes a Submarilyn and 451 Creag nam Brataichean is dropped from the Submarilyns.

Following surveys by MountainViews, 20835 Knockannavea becomes an Irish Hump and a Carn, and 21163 Inishark Island is deleted from the Humps.

Hill 19037 replaces 5508 and 5509 as Kingston upon Hull UA top. In Ireland, Roscommon county top (21006) and Dublin City county top (21252) have been relocated.

There have been numerous changes to the Tumps. Four hills become Subhumps. For details see Hill Bagging.

23 December 2014
Version 14.2 of the DoBIH has been released.
17 December 2014
There has been another change to the Grahams and Marilyns. Hill 21 Beinn Dearg (1B) has been replaced as Graham, Marilyn and Hump by 3937 Stuc na Cabaig 1.4km to the south-west. Their summits were surveyed by Alan Dawson as 706.7m and 708.3m respectively, in reverse height order to Geograph. Stuc na Cabaig has been renamed Creag na h-Eararuidh, as suggested by the 1901 1:10560 sheet, though this is subject to confirmation.

20656 Carrickatee (56A), an Irish Hump, has been relocated 850m WSW and renamed Bunnanimma. See the Database Notes entry for more information.

11 November 2014
We have decided to treat Waterhead (27B) as a replacement rather than a relocation. The new summit of the Hump is hill 18984. The old summit, hill 5026, becomes an unclassified hill with 23m drop. We advise baggers to visit both summits.

We have created a new hill for the Old Man of Mow (hill 18980) while retaining the existing entry for Mow Cop (hill 2826). 2826 retains its Submarilyn status, while 18980 becomes the HuMP and Tump. The change will enable walkers to log the trig point without being credited with the Hump.

7 November 2014
Two Grahams have been deleted from the list following surveys by Alan Dawson. Hill 1283 Ben Aslak (17C) was surveyed as 609.0m and 1497 Ladylea Hill (21A) as 609.1m. With the deletion of 503 Corwharn (7A) in April, the number of Grahams now stands at 221.

Two Welsh Humps have been relocated, 5026 Waterhead (27B) and 5185 Pen y Berth (30E).

167 Creag na Caillich (2B) has been deleted from the Murdos after its height was surveyed as 914.3m. It remains a Munro Top and Sim.

Surveys by Alan Dawson and Myrddyn Phillips have created three more Subhumps, 243 Drochaid Ghlas (3C), 3983 Beinn Bhreac (1D) and 14436 Moel Garegog (30C). Drochaid Ghlas saw a height increase of 15m. The 1009m height on the 1:50k map appears to be an old levelled height on the main ridge, not the summit of the spur to the north. A fourth Subhump, 8894 Creag an Duilisg (12A, formerly Stob Lochan Dubha) was created following a reappraisal of the col, which increased the drop to 98m. 5225 Old Radnor Hill (31B) is deleted from the Subhumps.

31 October 2014
5566 Arkley is replaced by 5567 Mote End Farm as London Borough Top of Barnet, formerly a twin.

Changes to Tumps are noted on Hill Bagging.

14 October 2014
We congratulate Rob Woodall and Eddie Dealtry on becoming the first to complete the Marilyns. They bagged Stac an Armin and Stac Lee on St Kilda yesterday. Several others in the party also climbed the stacs.

6325 Torr Mor (9B) has been promoted to Highland Five.

2 October 2014
3456 Moel Hyddgen (31A), renamed Pen y Darren, has replaced 3454 Foel Fras as Hump following a survey by Myrddyn Phillips. Both Foel Fras and 3455 Foel Grafiau cease to be twins. Further details are in the rhb announcement.

155 Beinn nan Eachan East Top (2B) has been promoted to Sim/Murdo and 2984 Meall Eoghainn (2B) demoted from Sim/Corbett Top following surveys by Alan Dawson.

There continues to be frequent changes to the Tumps. Only those affecting other lists, i.e. Sims, Deweys etc., are mentioned in News items as I am assuming those interested in minor Tumps (below 500m) will follow the Tump Forum. Accumulated changes are published in the Tumps Change Register at each new release of the downloadable version of the DoBIH. Changes to subs are likewise accumulated and listed in the Revision History.

16 September 2014
Following a survey, the Marilyn summit of The Saddle has reverted to the Munro summit, hill 688. The rock next to the trig pillar, hill 686, is 0.3m lower.

The Tumps have been extended to the Channel Islands. There are 12 Tumps, of which 4 are already in the database as Humps or Subhumps. The new hills have been added to Hill Bagging.

6 September 2014
313 Stob Coire a'Chairn has become a Twin Marilyn of 312 An Gearanach. Both hills were surveyed as 981.4m. Further details in the rhb posting.

We have found a bug in the Access release of v14.1. The Map Search will not work on Landrangers 1-99 or any Irish maps. A fix will be issued shortly. uploaded 7 Sept 2014

25 August 2014
Version 14.1 of the DoBIH has been released.
18 August 2014
Two changes to the Sims have resulted from surveys on the Aonach Eagach ridge by Alan Dawson.

2989 Stob Dubh (3A) is demoted with a drop of 28.3m. The DoBIH gave the drop as 28m based on current maps so this removes the last discrepancy in the Sims listing.

3664 Aonach Eagach East Pinnacle (3A) is a new Sim with an increased drop of 33.1m.

1687 Brown Carrick Hill, a Marilyn in 27A, has been relocated 240m SW to NS283159.

24 July 2014
Further surveys by Alan Dawson have resulted in the following changes to the lists:

1734 Troweir Hill (27B) is deleted from the Marilyns. 5636 Saugh Hill was surveyed as the same height so remains a twin Hump, but ceases to be a twin Marilyn. Further details are in the rhb announcement.

947 Meallan Odhar Doire nan Gillean (12B) is deleted from the Sims with a height of 598.7m.

5985 An Sgarsoch point 754m (renamed An Sgarsoch Far East Top, 6A) replaces 4060 An Sgarsoch East Top as Sim/Graham Top and Tump. Previously both summits were given as 754m in the database but only hill 4060 had a spot height. Hill 5985 has now been surveyed as 3m higher than hill 4060, so the cols have swapped.

11 July 2014
4923 Fora Ness (22) is deleted from the Humps with a revised drop of 97m. Thanks to Rob Woodall for bringing it to our attention.
4 July 2014
Five changes to the Sims have arisen from surveys by Alan Dawson announced yesterday on the rhb egroup.

5729 Stob Glas (1C) is promoted to Sim/GTM.

5843 Cam-Chreag (2B) is promoted to Sim/CTM. The new location is NN 5247 3983.

630 Meall a'Bhothain (9B) is demoted from Sim/CTM.

3660 Sidhean a'Choin Bhain (15B) is demoted from Sim/GTG. As its drop has fallen below 30m it also ceases to be a twin Marilyn and twin Hump.

1132 Carn an Tionail (16B), a top of Ben Loyal, is demoted from Sim/GTC.

23 June 2014
1161 Cnoc Coir a'Phuill (16C) is no longer a twin Marilyn/twin Hump of 1160 Creag Thoraraidh. It is still a Tump.

4728 Sgor Fhionnaich (16B) is a new Submarilyn.

The drop of 1132 Ben Loyal has reverted to 609m. This is relevant to Century Club baggers.

For details see the rhb announcement.

13 June 2014
Further surveys by Alan Dawson have resulted in the following changes:

1182 Creag an Amalaidh (16D) is a new Marilyn.

891 Creag Toll a'Choin (12A) replaces 890 Maoile Lunndaidh as Marilyn. Both hills are spotted at 1005m on the OS map but Creag Toll a'Choin is 0.5m higher. Creag Toll a'Choin was the Munro from 1921 to 1981.

4325 Suie Dhu (11A) is reinstated as a Graham Top and Sim.

Some further Marilyn changes are awaiting confirmation.

21 May 2014
The following changes have been reported since the release of v14. Rhos Fawr was surveyed by G&J Surveys, the others by Alan Dawson.

3319 Meall nan Damh (12A) ceases to be a twin Graham/Marilyn/Hump of 914 Carn na Coinnich.

3957 Stob Creag an Fhithich (1C) is deleted from the Humps.

5623 Rhos Fawr (31A) replaces 5204 Coed Mawr as the Hump, which ceases to be a twin.

4712 Beinn Chroisg (15A), a Hump, has moved 250m WSW of the 408m spot.

6855 Caisteal a'Garbh-choire (17B) is promoted to Sim. It was already a Tump.

18905 Bushey Heath (39) has been added for the Tump/Middlesex county top to distinguish it from the Harrow London Borough top (5467).

33 new Tumps have been discovered, one of them (hill 18920) being a new Subhump with 90m drop. The first 20 additions are listed in Mark Jackson's posting in the Tumps Forum. The remaining 13 can be viewed on Hill Bagging. I plan to add a Tumps Change Register to this site to bring together the various updates.

Ordnance Survey has confirmed Alan Dawson's surveyed heights for 596 Creag an Dail Bheag and 595 Carn Liath (8B) and indicated that they will revise the spot heights to 863m and 861m respectively. This may lead to a change to the Corbetts listing eventually.

The latest Marhofn is available online.

22 April 2014
Version 14 of the DoBIH has been released. It subsumes the P30 Appendix.
20 April 2014
The following changes have resulted from surveys by Alan Dawson:

344 Cruim Leacainn (4A) is deleted from the Marilyns. Its drop is 149.4m.

503 Corwharn (7A) is deleted from the Grahams. Its height is 609.1m.

1307 Cruachan Dearg (17E) is no longer a twin Marilyn/twin Graham, being 0.9m lower than 1306 Corra-Bheinn. It remains a Hump and GT/Sim.

2793 Gragareth replaces 2792 Green Hill as Lancashire county top, with a relocation of 100m.

7 Apr 2014
4578 Hill of Stroness (1A) has been deleted from the Humps and replaced by 100043 Milquhanzie Hill in the P30 Appendix [v14 - hill 8080].
1 Apr 2014
20665 Corronoher (48B, Ireland) is promoted to Marilyn. A Mountainviews survey increased the drop to 151.0m.
8 Mar 2014
7513 Foel (30A) is promoted to Hump. The surveyed drop is 101.2m.
2 Mar 2014
We have created a new hill (8036) for the trig point on Burnhope Seat, which is the historic County Top of Durham. The pillar is 350m from the Marilyn summit and we would normally distinguish hills that far apart by separate entries. The change has been implemented in Hill Bagging. The Nuttall classification stays with hill 2714 for reasons given in the Database Notes.

We have adopted the policy that separate hills will be created where a County Top is not the true summit but lies on a ridge. This will prevent anomalies where the summit grid reference places a County Top in an adjacent county, as here. A review of all the County Tops that appear on other lists found only three such situations: Shining Tor and Hill of Stake, where the County Top is on the other side of a fence/wall from the summit but only 5-10 metres away, and Withins Height [Round Hill], where a Tump was previously associated with hill 5488 but is 75m from and 2m higher than the County Top. We have created hill 8035 for the Tump.

A related situation arises when a 'subjective' list (usually a Wainwright or Birkett) does not give the true summit, which appears on another list. When the summits are in sufficient proximity not to warrant different hill numbers, DoBIH policy has been to give priority to the true summit. Thus for 2457 Haystacks we give the Dewey summit and mention the Wainwright summit in Comments, with its 10-figure GR in Observations. We have now extended the policy to include Tumps. We will make the appropriate changes to the database as and when we find them.

16 Feb 2014
5103 Fans Hill (28A) has been deleted from the Humps. The drop has reduced to 96m following a reappraisal of the col.
11 Feb 2014
Following a line survey by the DoBIH editorial team, the summit of 2773 Hoove (35A) has been relocated from the 554m spot on the 1:50k map to NZ 00181 06913, 500m SW of the trig pillar. There was no 10-figure GR in the database due to uncertainty in the summit location.
24 Dec 2013
Version 13.3 of the DoBIH has been released, together with v2.2 of the P30 Appendix.

Following a lengthy survey of all candidate high points, the Vale of Glamorgan County Top has reverted to hill 5554 Tair Onnen. There have also been some changes to the Sims. For details see the v13.3 Revision History.

25 Nov 2013
109610 Great Haldon (40), currently in the P30 Appendix, becomes a twin Hump of 5406 Colleywell Hill. It will be transferred to the DoBIH and renumbered in version 13.3, which we are targeting for a pre-Christmas release.
16 Nov 2013
7342 Knowes Hill (28A) becomes a new Hump with drop 100.6m following a survey by Alan Dawson.
13 Nov 2013
1261 Knight's Peak is no longer a Munro Top. The summit height, measured by the Survey Team and ratified by the OS, is 914.24m. The news was announced today on BBC Scotland.
9 Oct 2013
596 Creag an Dail Bheag (8B), previously a twin Marilyn, has been surveyed by Alan Dawson as 863.0m, 1.6m higher than 595 Carn Liath. Hence the Marilyn has been relocated from Carn Liath to Creag an Dail Bheag. Carn Liath is still the Corbett, and is likely to remain so for the forseeable future.
24 Sept 2013
3930 Leacann Amarach (1B) is no longer a Graham Top and Sim. A survey by Alan Dawson measured the drop as 29.2m.
15 Sept 2013
142 An Stuc (2B) is no longer a twin Marilyn, having been surveyed as a full 6 metres lower than 143 Meall Garbh. The grid reference of Meall Garbh in the database is confirmed, the 1123m summit being 120m NE of the 1118m spot height.

6965 Creag a'Chanuill (19C), previously a potential twin Marilyn (summit inside 600m contour but no spot height) has been surveyed as 4cm lower than 1436 Sgorach Mor.

4366 Sgorr na Diollaid point 713m (renamed Sgorr na Diollaid Far West Top) is no longer a Graham Top and Sim. The drop has been reduced to 28m on the basis of spot heights on the paper 1:10k map.

3 Sept 2013
1799 Killyleoch Hill (27C) becomes a new Marilyn. The surveyed drop is 151.6m.

Members of the DoBIH editorial and survey teams met with the MountainViews committee in Porthmadog on August 30–Sept 1. A number of joint surveys were carried out over two days to compare techniques. MountainViews' comments on the meeting can be read in their latest newsletter.

26 Aug 2013
Following a survey, 1885 Bodesbeck Law (28B) has been reinstated as a Hump, 6 months after being demoted. The col has swapped with the col of 1907 Mid Rigg.
24 Aug 2013
5323 Middle Knoll (36) is deleted from the Humps.

2212 Mynydd Pencarreg is no longer a Submarilyn. The drop has reduced from 140 to 139m.

18 Aug 2013
Version 13.2 is now available. It incorporates three late changes to the Sims: two new Corbett Tops and a deleted Graham Top. A full list of changes is given in the revision history. Version 2.1 of the P30 Appendix has been released simultaneously.
12 Aug 2013
Following a survey by Alan Dawson, 5645 Sron Mhor (1A) becomes a new Graham Top/Sim.
5 Aug 2013
4772 Great Stac of Handa (also known as Stac an t-Sealbhaig) has been deleted from the Humps, having had its height reduced from 107m to 72m. As no Hump bagger is known to have climbed the stac it is unlikely that anyone has had their total reduced.
21 July 2013
We have another new Marilyn. Following a survey, 1960 Mynydd Anelog (30A) has had its drop increased to 151.0m. The news was announced to the rhb group on July 13.
10 June 2013
Following a survey by Alan Dawson, 1944 Ayton Hill (28A) becomes a new Marilyn. The name has been changed to Lamberton Hill. The news was announced today on the rhb group.
9 May 2013
7892 Big Hill (39) SP549612 becomes a new twin Hump and twin County Top of Northamptonshire, twinned with 5395 Arbury Hill.

An Excel file listing all the Tumps (hills with at least 30m drop of any height) not included in the Database of British and Irish Hills has been added to the downloads page. This is an updated and enhanced version of Andrew Tibbetts' P30 Appendix. The hills have also been added to Hill Bagging where an option to include or exclude them from seaches is provided by the "Include all Tumps" checkbox.

Opinion has been polarised within the rhb community as to whether the Tumps should be added to the database. We hope this compromise solution will be acceptable while we monitor the demand.

6 April 2013
Version 13.1 has been released.
3 April 2013
We have a new 2000ft hill in England. Thack Moor [Renwick Fell] (35A) has been promoted to Hewitt and Nuttall and deleted from Dewey's list. The surveyed height is 609.62m. The news was announced today by Grough.
28 Feb 2013
An updated version of Summits and Cols is available.

Surveys have confirmed the Hump status of 5166 Coed Hyrddyn with 102.0m drop, and the Dewey status of 3381 Moel y Gyrafolen with 30.1m drop.

9-10 Feb 2013
1885 Bodesbeck Law is demoted from Hump to Subhump with a drop of 97m. Old 6" maps show a spot height of 1863ft (568m) at NT173112, and a spot height of 1868' (569m) at NT174113. The news was announced today on the rhb group.

Updated change registers for the Munros and Corbetts

17 Jan 2013
Two more changes announced on the rhb group:

7286 Black Hill (27C) is promoted to Hump
7222 Wanlock Dod (27C) is promoted to Subhump

10 Jan 2013
Six Humps have been deleted:

4739 Cnoc an Fhreiceadain (16C)
4743 Sletill Hill (16C)
4745 Beinn Ruadh (16C)
5132 Rachan Hill (28B)
5165 Moel Maenefa (30C)
5225 Old Radnor Hill (31B)

Two Subhumps have been deleted:

7662 Cefn y Brithdir (32C)
7690 Old Fawdon Hill (33)

5285 Moneylaws Hill (33) becomes a new Submarilyn with 140m drop

These changes were announced today on the rhb group.

23 Dec 2012
Version 13 has been released. For a list of changes please see the revision history.
10 Dec 2012
The following changes to the Humps were announced today on the rhb group:


4339 Meall a'Gheur-fheadain (12A)
7675 Garth Hill (32C)


3419 Foel Benddin (30E)
5219 Pen Coed-swydd (31B) – renamed Coed-swydd


7884 Tyddynbriddell Hill (30F) replaces 5192 Ffridd-yr-Ychen
4647 Carn Dearg (9B) has moved from NH481185 to NH483188

9 Dec 2012
Following two days of surveying, the Hump and Submarilyn 2156 Bryn Brith (30F) has been replaced by 5622 Pared y Cefn-hir, previously a twin. Its drop is 149.4m.
5 Nov 2012
The twin Marilyns and Corbett pair, Sgurr a'Bhac Chaolais and Buidhe Bheinn, have been separated. Following a survey carried out in conjunction with the SMC, Buidhe Bheinn at 885.5m supersedes Sgurr a'Bhac Chaolais at 885.2m as the Marilyn. Buidhe Bheinn becomes the sole Corbett and Sgurr a'Bhac Chaolais a Corbett Top. The changes were announced by the SMC on 3 November and on the rhb group the next day.

6360 Sgurr Mor Far West Top (10A) becomes a new Sim with height 600m, drop 38m following the appearance of a spot height on Geograph mapping. This promotion was inadvertently omitted from the previous news item.

24 Oct 2012
Four Deweys have been deleted:

3495 Llechwedd Llwyd – drop 28m
3551 Girdle Fell [White Crags] – drop 28m
3575 Watch Hill – drop 29.0m, summit location confirmed
3589 Little Fell – drop 28.8m, summit location confirmed

None of these four hills appear on Michael Dewey's original published list, being later additions in 2000 or 2001. The first two demotions arise from new col spot heights on Geograph mapping (and on old 6" maps for Girdle Fell), the last two from optical levelling. Survey reports for the latter will appear at in due course.

Two Deweys have been relocated:

3512 Sychnentydd has been replaced by 7883 Cerrig Llywdion, 600m to the north. It was reported by Myrddyn Phillips.
3606 Great Knipe has been relocated to a boulder 6m from the trig point at NY867144. Levelling estimated this summit to be 2cm higher than the middle top at NY869144 and 0.6m higher than the eastern summit at NY871144 currently given in the database.

All the above changes except the last one have already been applied to the hill-bagging website. Four other Deweys were considered for demotion on the basis of new spot heights on Geograph mapping. In three cases a demotion was contradicted by other evidence. The fourth hill, 7625 Garn Gron East Top is problematical because both the col location and col height are uncertain. It is hoped to survey this hill at some stage although the task will be challenging in the terrain.

There have been two changes to the Sims arising from independent surveys. For details see the Marilyn News Centre.

Meall Reamhar North Top (1C) is a new Sim, drop 31.8m
Meallan Liath (16B) is demoted, height 599.7m

The summit of Wild Boar Fell was established by optical levelling as an embedded rock 30m south of the trig point, hill 2720. Wild Boar Fell East Top, hill 5608, and another 708m spot height at SD760988 on Geograph are both lower.

The surveys of Wild Boar Fell, Little Fell and Great Knipe were conducted during a meeting of the DoBIH editorial team in Kirkby Stephen on Oct 13-14. We hope to release version 13 by the end of this year. In addition to the usual updates it will include the following Irish lists: the Vandeleur-Lynams (600m/P15), the Arderins (500m/P30), and the highest points of Northern Ireland's 26 local government districts, the three sub-divisions of the historic County Dublin and a further three City Councils in the Republic of Ireland.

14 Sept 2012
The SMC has finally accepted the reclassification of Beinn a'Chlaidheimh from Munro to Corbett. The story was broken by Grough and has been widely reported elsewhere.
21 July 2012
Five new Humps have been created and another Hump replaced by its twin. For details see the Humps change register. Two more Subhumps have been created: Fan SN672316 and Gray Hill ST434935, neither currently in the database. Two Subhumps, 6686 Beinn Gorm Loch Mor and 7654 Grongaer, have been deleted. Further details can be found in the rhb egroup announcement.
19 July 2012
Our data review is well underway. We have reviewed over 2500 of the 7833 British hills in the database and flagged over 700 for data changes. We are also adding the missing col GRs. A number of hills involve a change of classification. These include a dozen or so on major lists that are being progressed with the list authors. When confirmed, changes will be posted here and on the rhb egroup.

Confirmed changes to date:

2064 Crib-y-rhiw (30D): promoted to sHew

5769 Stob a'Choin Duibh (1C): demoted from 5H to s5H. has become less useful with the removal of the Enhanced Zoom facility. It is still useful for 1:2500 maps but detail cannot generally be read at the 1:10560 scale. In Scotland, the National Library of Scotland site offers high quality reproductions of early 1:10560 maps (and occasionally later maps), and some 1:2500 maps. This site also offers 1937-61 1:25k maps of England, Wales and Scotland, as does Sabre maps. A list of online mapping resources that we use is given in links.

We have modified the Access version of the DoBIH to run in 64-bit Access. Please email us if you would like a copy. Future releases will run in both 32-bit and 64-bit Access.

10 May 2012
5248 Pen-yr-allt (31C) has been deleted from the Humps list. The drop was reduced to 97m following research on Geograph and old maps.

7575 Llechwedd Melyn (30F) and Gowbarrow Fell (34C) have been promoted to Humps. The Hump summit of Gowbarrow Fell is an embedded rock 100m to the south and 1cm higher than the Wainwright/Birkett near the trig point. It will be given a separate hill number (7833) in the next version of the database.

7268 Meikle Shag (27C) has been promoted to Donald Dewey with a revised drop of 30m.

965 Spidean Coire nan Clach (Beinn Eighe) - Creag Dhubh (13A) is no longer a subMurdo, the drop having been reduced to 17m. The hill was never a Munro Top.

7652 Pen Gilfach-y-rhew (31C) is no longer a Subhump.

3828 Common Fell (34C) is no longer a Subdewey.

The OS mapping on the Geograph website has provided many col heights where current data relies on contour interpolation. Most of the spot heights also appear on one or more of the 1:25k, 1:10k and vector maps (the last is accessible on the OS OpenData site and via the hill-bagging links in the DoBIH), but some are new. The highest resolution is particularly useful because, unlike the vector map, it shows contours in addition to spot heights. Furthermore, it occasionally gives contours at 5m spacing where the 1:25k map has only 10m contours. Coinciding with our first use of Geograph, we received from John Kirk a list of Scottish 500/P20 hills that appeared on his listing but not ours. We have reviewed his list and as a result are adding 4 Subcorbett Tops, 26 Subgraham Tops, 11 subHighland Fives, and 2 Subdeweys (a few of these came from independent research). We are also creating three new Highland Fives: two are promotions, the other is a new hill, Needle Rock near The Old Man of Storr. Details of all the new hills except one of the Highland Fives are in an rhb announcement. We are also demoting four existing Highland Fives: details here.

Much of the data in the DoBIH predates the availability of vector mapping on the OS OpenData website. Some of the oldest data also predates the introduction of the new Explorers in Scotland and of online 1:25k mapping. Since January 2011 we have also made extensive use of old maps on which are a rich source of levelled heights. We intend to revise the existing data using the latest resources, but with potentially 7000 GB hills to review it will be a protracted process. If you would like to help, please get in touch.

7 March 2012
The southern summit of Wether Hill is now officially the Nuttall. The northern summit remains the Wainwright and Birkett.

3481 Y Glog [Draws Drum] replaces 3479 Cefn Croes as Hump. New mapping indicates the new location is 1m higher rather than lower.

12 February 2012
Version 12.1 has been released. For a list of changes please see the revision history.
12 January 2012
The Hump 5339 Hangingstone Hill - Pale Heights has been replaced by High Billinge SJ554662. A survey found that High Billinge was 1.5m higher.

Lillypot ST059749 replaces hill 5554 Tair Onnen as Vale of Glamorgan county top.

26 December 2011
Three people have found data errors in v12, another correspondent has discovered a new 490-499m hill, and we've found a few inaccuracies ourselves. We plan to issue a maintenance release early in 2012 to correct these errors and implement the latest change requests.
1 December 2011
OS Get-a-map now shows a 914m spot height for Beinn a'Chlaidheimh. See the Database Notes.
29 November 2011
Version 12 has been released. This is a major upgrade, featuring over 2000 new British hills, and Irish lists for the first time. For details see the revision history.
6 October 2011
Another Dewey bites the dust, but not for the usual reasons. It has been shown by three independent Abney Level surveys that the summit of Beefstand Hill (no. 3545) is well to the Scottish side of the border, as shown on 1:10k and 1:25k maps. Michael Dewey has accepted the removal on the grounds that only summits within England, Wales and IOM qualify for the list. Beefstand Hill will be a Donald Dewey in version 12.
13 September 2011
The editorial team today marked the 10th anniversary of the Database of British Hills by meeting in the Brecon Beacons to survey Fan Brycheiniog (32A). The northern summit, Twr y Fan Foel (hill 5603) is 0.75m higher than the trig point (hill 2230). Subject to ratification, the Marilyn, Hewitt and Nuttall will move to hill 5603.
14 August 2011
The height of Beinn a'Chlaidheimh, a Munro since 1974, has been surveyed as 913.96m. The news was announced by The Munro Society in a press release on 9 August. Unlike with previous Munro Society heightings, the SMC has declined to reclassify the hill as a Corbett for the present.
22 July 2011
Esgair Gelli SN776577 (not in v11.6 but will become hill 5637) has been surveyed as falling short of Dewey status. The 1:25k map has a spot height of 505m at the summit and OS VectorMap District shows a spot height of 475m at the col. The surveyed summit height was 504.5m and the col height 476.3m, giving a drop of 28.2 ± 0.2m.
17 June 2011
Saugh Hill has become a twin Marilyn of 1734 Troweir Hill. Both hills have a spot height of 296m at 1:50k but The Relative Hills of Britain did not make Saugh Hill a twin because of the lack of a spot height at 1:25k. Large scale 19th century maps give levelled heights at the cairn and the tumulus with Saugh Hill 0.4m higher. We regard the data as insufficiently conclusive to relocate the Marilyn but following our recommendation, Alan Dawson has agreed to make the two summits twins as the drop between them exceeds 30m. Saugh Hill will be hill 5636 in the next version of the DoBH and already appears as such in

Most walkers are likely to have bagged both summits as they are only 1km apart.

27 May 2011
A survey has established that the County Top of Nottinghamshire is 5470 Newtonwood Lane. 5478 Silverhill, a landscaped spoil heap, was later added as a twin but is in fact 0.7m lower. Details are given in a Grough article.

We have provided links to Access runtime on the Downloads page. Installing Access runtime will allow you to enjoy the functionality of the Access database without needing a copy of Microsoft Access on your PC. We have tested the relational version with Access 2007 runtime and found no problems.

25 April 2011
Version 11.6 has been released. For details see the Revision history.
12 April 2011
Kirkby Fell (SD873635, map 98, region 35B) was today promoted to Dewey's list. The drop, previously estimated as 29m, has been surveyed as 31.1m. Anyone who has climbed the neighbouring Deweys to the NW and SW might well have climbed it "just in case". If not, they will be kicking themselves!

5372 Frith Hill, a Hump in region 38B, has been relocated 400m to the southern top and renamed Bradlow Knoll. This follows discovery of a 781ft levelled height on old 1:10560 maps. Anyone who has bagged the hill is likely to have visited the new location as current maps give no indication of the relative heights of the three tops on the ridge.

4 April 2011
2865/2866 Seager Hill has been de-twinned. The hill has never been an "official" twin Marilyn on the RHB list but there is almost a mile between the two summits. For the Marilyn (hill 2865), old maps give a levelled height of 892ft (272m) at the position of our 10-figure GR (surveyed by Abney Level although the exact location of the summit is not identifiable). This is 150m SE of the 269m air height on the current 1:25k map. The same maps give a levelled height of 886ft (270m) for the southern summit in about the same position as the 269m spot on the 1:25k map and our 10-figure GR. The correction for the 1921 change in datum from Liverpool Dock to Newlyn is negligible. Walkers will no doubt continue to bag the southern summit "just in case" as it is close to the usual routes of ascent.
16 March 2011
Two Humps have been promoted and four Humps demoted. Promoted are Gallt yr Ancr SJ146130 and Wharncliffe Chase SK314963; deleted are 3646 Black Edge, 3518 Cefn Cul [Waun Leuci], 5096 Quothquan Law, and 4299 Meall a'Phubuill - East Top.
12 February 2011
Three Humps have moved. 5184 Jericho Hill will be replaced in the next release by 5627 Domen-gastell Hill at SJ164199, 0.4km SE (height 297m). 5328 Chinley Churn will be replaced by new hill 5628 at SK036843, 0.8km to the north (height 457.0m). 3362 Y Ro Wen has moved 200m to the NE. The last hill is also a Dewey.

The results of the user survey are available. Thanks to all who responded.

25 January 2011
A bug in the relational Access version affecting queries on some hills on the England–Scotland border has been fixed in version 5.1.1. We have also taken the opportunity to add a new search by map number. We have not changed any of the data.
21 December 2010
We have launched a user survey to help us plan v12 and later releases. If you would like to influence the development of the database, please participate.  Survey closed on 31 January
18 December 2010
A bug has been discovered in the non-relational Access version that affects the totals for the Nuttalls queries. It has been corrected in version 11.5.1. The relational and Excel/csv versions are unaffected.

5328 Chinley Churn (Hump) has been relocated 750m north to SK036843 (SK 03696 84367). Vector mapping gives a height of 457m, well above the 451m height of the trig at the former location.  24 January: confirmed by surveying

Our 10-figure GR for 2492 Murton Fell [Knock Murton] is incorrect and will be removed.

The GR for 3774 Glade How should be NY133064, corresponding to the cairn on the 1:25k map. The Striding Edge site gives a 10-figure GR of NY 13377 06400. We give Birkett's height of 433m, however we note that old maps give 1443ft, converted to 440m on the 1962 1:50k map.

25 November 2010
Hill 3608 Hand Lake (35A) is no longer a Dewey. The surveyed height is 499.6m. The news was announced on 25 November.
18 November 2010
Version 11.5 has been released. For details see the Revision history.
1 November 2010
Hill 3396 Cerrig y Ieirch [Moel Llechwedd-gwyn] is no longer a Dewey. The surveyed drop is 29.2 ± 0.3m. The news was announced on 28 October.
27 October 2010
Hill 3609 Linghaw (35A) is no longer a Dewey. The surveyed height is 498.8m. The news was announced on 22 October.
22 September 2010
The height of Glydwr Fawr, currently spotted at 999m on OS maps, has been surveyed as 1000.8m by G&J surveys. The result was announced on 21 September. The news was reported on regional TV, radio and in the press. Videos of the press conference are accessible on the G and J Surveys YouTube channel.
5 September 2010
Calf Top, a Dewey in the Yorkshire Dales, has been surveyed a total of three times by G&J surveys. The final result could not have been closer, but the balance of probability is that the hill is just below 2000ft (609.6m) and therefore not a new Nuttall and Hewitt. However the surveyors' estimate of 609.58m rounds to 610m and the OS have indicated that the latter figure will appear on future maps, giving the impression that Calf Top is a new 2000ft mountain. Alan Dawson, John Nuttall and Michael Dewey were consulted and all are content for the hill to retain its current status. For a summary of the surveys and the rationale for preserving the status quo, see Is Calf Top a new 2000ft mountain?. Because the accuracy of the measurement is ±0.1m there remains a significant possibility that the hill exceeds 2000ft in reality, so baggers seeking assurance that they have ascended all English hills over 2000ft should climb the hill.

We are currently working on v11.5 of the Hills Database with a view to release in November. In addition to the usual hill data updates, the functionality of the relational Access database will be improved. We are also working towards a major release in 2011 that will include more hill lists.

24 June 2010
The Tryfan project is finally complete. The surveyed height is 917.5m, or 3010ft. The news was reported on BBC Wales.
20 June 2010
Rhiw Gwraidd (twin Marilyn, 31B): a survey has established that the East Top is higher. Accordingly, the location of the Marilyn changes from hill 2196 to 2197. Hill 2196 becomes a Deleted Marilyn. The highest point is an embedded rock 1.5m north of a cairn at SO 01611 63436.
23 May 2010
2734 Lovely Seat is no longer a Marilyn. A survey revealed the drop to be 149.1m. The change was announced on the rhb egroup on May 17.
26 April 2010
The status of 5016 Cairngryffe Hill has been queried. The summit has been reduced in height by quarrying. The height of the highest natural ground is unknown but is certainly below 340m as the trig is no longer present. If it were lower than nearby Swaites Hill at NS958406 (height 323m, drop 102m) the latter would replace it as the Hump. This seems unlikely, but baggers may wish to visit both summits.
31 March 2010
Version 11.4 has been released, just meeting our target of March 2010. For details of the changes see the revision history.

Tryfan, the lowest of the Welsh 3000ft hills, is to be surveyed for the Snowdonia Society. See the linked YouTube channel in articles. As the 915m spot is an air height, there's a 29% probability that the hill is below 3000ft in reality. Incidentally older imperial maps give a height of 3010ft.

12 March 2010
3343 Iwerddon is no longer a Dewey. A line survey found the drop to be 25.2m, well below the 30m required. Michael Dewey has confirmed the change.

5275 Mynydd Dinas and 5308 Quarrystone Bank are no longer Humps.

13 February 2010
Baystones is no longer a Marilyn. A survey has established the height as 486.9m and drop 147.7m. The news was announced in the rhb group.
19 December 2009
We are currently working on version 11.4 for release early in 2010. Our main target is to complete the drop data. We will add the three deleted Humps not currently in the database (deleted prior to the inclusion of Humps in v11); and twin Humps, provisionally defined as having a drop of 30m. There is also the possibility of some hill reclassifications after the survey team has processed the latest batch of data acquired by our differential GPS equipment.
8 December 2009
Version 11.3 has been released to correct a few minor errors in v11.2.
30 November 2009
Version 11.2 has been released. Mark Jackson has joined the editorial team, with particular responsibility for the Humps.
14 September 2009
Sgurr nan Ceannaichean has been reclassified as a Corbett following surveys conducted by The Munro Society. See the Database Notes.
7 September 2009 has been updated with data from v11.1. The site is authored by a member of the editorial team and can be regarded as a web based version of the Hills Database.

We have started compiling a list of changes to be made in the next release. At the time of writing they include the following:

Three Humps have been demoted following revision of the drop: 4921 Hill of Colvadale, 4998 Northballo Hill and 5038 Loch Hill. 5077 Barskeoch Hill is under review (proposed drop c.98m with col at NX802595). A number of other col heights will be updated, none of which affect the classification.

1267 Beinn Dearg Mheadhonach should be classified as GTG not GTC.

The summit of 1321 Beinn Chreagach on Mull has moved to NM 51988 21701, 240m east of the main cairn and 1m higher. Most people are likely to have been over the highpoint if using the obvious route from the Carsaig road.

2696 Hampsfell: the Hump and Wainwright Outlying Fell are at slightly different locations and will be given separate hill numbers.

RHB region numbers will be corrected for three Humps: 5298 Oaken Head and 5299 Warton Crag (to section 36), 3861 Great How (to section 34B).

2127 Cefn Goch will be renamed Foel Tyn-y-fron [Moel y Pawl][Cefn Coch]. The SubHewitt is named Cefn Coch in the TACit Tables but this name really refers to the 594m Dewey to the north.

Query 60 of the non-relational Access database is not functioning. The Date Climbed column has been incorrectly formatted as Text rather than Date/Time. It is easily corrected by the user by opening Design View in the Hills table and changing the data type.

The relational version of v11.1 does not include the Buxton & Lewis list. This will be corrected.

Scottish islands will be identified in the Area field.

We are considering adding the Bridges and the Trail "Best 100" list. The Bridges will require no new hills but the Trail list will require the addition of three new hills including one in Northern Ireland.

We are grateful to several correspondents for suggesting some of these changes.

6 July 2009
We have brought out a maintenance release to fix a number of errors in v11.0. We thank Mark Jackson for finding the errors in the RHB regions for the Humps and suggesting a number of data changes.

We have received several hundred more 10 figure grid references, though some are for hills with existing data. The next release will incorporate these measurements. The Area field in the relational database will be brought into line with the non-relational (at present the RHB section name has priority, and non-Nuttall/Hewitt/Donald area names are not included). We plan to use this field to identify Scottish islands.

3 July 2009
We have discovered a number of errors in v11. We are currently working on a maintenance release that we hope to launch within the next week.

A few hills have incorrect classifications that are causing errors in searches. In the non-relational versions, hill 28 Stob Binnein - Stob Coire an Lochain has been wrongly classified as a Marilyn (the Classification field is correct). The following errors are present in the relational version: 714 Sgurr a'Mhaoraich - Am Bathaich should be classified as a SubMurdo (Classification field is correct); all the Classlink entries for deleted Corbetts are missing; 2828 Raw Head is missing Hu in the Classification field; 14 Creag na Criche and 2051 Mynydd y Cwm should have Hu dropped from the Classification field for consistency with the convention used elsewhere. Two other Classlink errors in the relational version were fixed in v11.01.

The drop of 5319 Blackstone Edge (36A) will be revised to 102m as its Hump qualification depends on the motorway cutting. There is a precedent as two Marilyns were promoted that qualified by virtue of a railway cutting.

Some of our assignments of Humps to RHB regions are incorrect, having missing or extraneous letters. We will also make a few height changes, add Gaelicised hill names that appear on current OS maps, and tidy up the Area names.

The summit of Ben Hogh on Coll has moved to the SE top.

22 June 2009
We have implemented all the most popular suggestions from the user survey in version 11. We plan to add Sub Corbett Tops and Sub Graham Tops, and perhaps Yeamans, in version 12. There may be an interim release to accommodate new 10-figure grid references and survey information.