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This website was created 17 years ago as Statistical Topics in Hillwalking for those interested in statistics and statistical topics pertaining to the British hills and mountains: measurement, classification, lists and data. Nowadays its main function is to provide a home for the Database of British and Irish Hills. The DoBIH was founded by Graham Jackson and Chris Crocker in 2001 with the intention of providing a comprehensive, up-to-date resource for British hillwalkers. It is maintained by a team of seven, who monitor changes to lists and mapping and keep it up to date.

The DoBIH is offered as a downloadable database on this site, and as an online database at Both formats offer logging facilities and a facility for transferring personal ascent records from one to the other. Ancillary resources are divided between the sites. The main documentation is the Database Notes on this site, which also carries the revision history and a number of tables showing changes to the lists over time. Survey reports and the change control database are on Hill Bagging. The majority of bagging websites and apps take their data from the DoBIH, though not always from the latest release.

  Current release: v15.3   7 September 2016

We regularly survey hills to accurately measure height, drop or location. Our surveys are carried out to professional standards and data are accepted by Ordnance Survey. Well-publicised survey results include the reclassifications of Sgurr nan Ceannaichean and Beinn a'Chlaidheimh from Munro to Corbett, the de-twinning of the Corbetts Sgurr a'Bhac Chaolais and Buidhe Bheinn, the deletion of Knight's Peak from the list of Munro Tops, and the addition of three 2000ft summits, Mynydd Graig Goch in Wales and Thack Moor and Calf Top in England.


Hoove survey

DoBIH editors on Hoove, 6 Feb 2014


Simon Edwardes and Simon Stewart

Simon Edwardes and Simon Stewart (MV)
DoBIH/MountainViews meeting,
Portmadog, 31 August 2013

Updated 17 Nov 2016

  • Nov 17: Two more additions to the Nuttalls
  • Nov 15: Two changes to the Nuttalls
  • Oct 13: New Hump and Simm
  • Sep 19: Muncaster Fell relocated
  • Sep 7: Version 15.3 released; Calf Top becomes a new Nuttall and Hewitt
  • Aug 7: Marilyn relocation
  • Aug 4: Hump relocation
  • July 17: Version 15.2.2 released (Access only)
  • July 1: New Corbett announced
  • June 12: Dewey, Hump and Submarilyn changes
  • May 11: Version 15.2.1 released (Access only); broken link in Tumps Change Register fixed
  • May 1: Version 15.2 released. Database Notes updated with minor changes.
  • Apr 12-13: Several items in News. Articles and Links pages updated
  • Feb 1: Minor correction to munrotab
  • Dec 24: Version 15.1 released
  • Dec 21: New Hump in Wales
  • Dec 6: Changes to Simms; new article on using an Abney Level
  • Nov 20: Change register for the Donalds uploaded to the downloads page
  • Oct 11: Sim promotion and deletion
  • Oct 6: New versions of Munrotab and Corbettab on downloads page; Sim deletion
  • Sept 23: Hills.gpi file uploaded; minor revisions to Database Notes
  • Sept 21: Version 15 released
  • Sept 20: New Arderins and Vandeleur-Lynams
  • Sept 11: Marilyn and Sim deletions, and changes to the Munro Tops
  • Aug 31: New Marilyn
  • Aug 16: Hump deletion; new version of Summits and Cols
  • Aug 15: Two new Sims
  • Aug 13: New Hump
  • Aug 4: New Marilyn, Nuttall deletion
  • June 14: Sim deletion
  • June 7: Swyre Head deleted from the Marilyns
  • June 4: Links page updated; Highland Five deletion
  • May 8: Sim/Hewitt deletion
  • Apr 30: Version 14.3 released
  • Apr 8: News and change registers updated
  • Mar 24: Recent changes to lists summarised in News
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